LINK+ units combine a parallel compressor system and condenser in one package. Our LINK+ model comes in a variety of sizes which can accommodate multiple scroll compressors and up to a 2 X 5 fan condenser, all designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

LINK+ units combine a parallel compressor system and condenser in one package, designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Can accommodate 8 scrolls (8.5HP ea.) / 7 scrolls (17HP ea.) and up to a 2 X 5 fan condenser. Horizontal receivers and branch circuits can be installed. Sheet metal housing designed for full access to all interior components.
  • Galvanized sheet metal cabinet
  • Air cooled condenser and horizontal receiver
  • Can fit up to 7 (17HP) scroll compressors with extended cabinet, or 8 (8.5HP) scroll compressors
  • Motor starters provide protection against overload and phase failures
  • High efficiency IEC Contactors for compressor control
  • Master phase monitor to shut down compressors in case of a phase loss
  • Crankcase heater per compressor
  • Master phase monitor
  • Catch-All suction filters Installed
  • Discharge thermostats per compressor
  • Low- and high-pressure safeties per compressor
  • Discharge vibrasorbers per compressor for ease of compressor removal
  • Electronic oil management system per compressor
  • Coalescent oil separator for high-efficiency oil separation
  • Discharge check valve to prevent back flow of gas from the condenser
  • All suction pipes insulated at factory
  • Charged with helium and leak checked
  • Vacuumed below 500 microns and holding for 24hrs
  • Shipped with holding pressure of nitrogen
  • Vibration pads to prevent transfer of vibration (shipped loose)
  • All components UL certified
  • Customized sheet metal cabinet
  • Customized condenser with multiple options
  • Copeland, Carlyle and Bitzer compressors
  • Horizontal receivers
  • Heat reclaim
  • Branch circuits (air, electric and hot gas defrost)
  • Mechanical subcooling
  • Electronic oil management systemper compressor
  • Differential pressure gauge indicating state of oil separator filter
  • CPC, Micro Thermo, Danfoss and other controllers
  • Control boards for evaporator monitoring and control
  • Run proofs for compressor
  • Mounted disconnect switch
  • Remote defrost panel
  • Mounted 3-way valve, head pressure regulating valves, flooding valves and other piping instruments